Sales success for business owners.

An essential new book for entrepreneurs, CEO’s, investors and business owners. This book helps run sales as a well drilled unit alongside and integrated with other company functions. Written as a ‘goto’ manual for selling in the Information Age.

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The world is getting smaller, data is getting bigger, communication is becoming easier. More and more, buyers are empowered like never before.

This book is full of ‘Projects and Actions’, ‘Tips and Tricks’, and real life stories. Designed in a way the reader can read each chapter for advice and guidance. Making this a framework for their organisation the flourish in the Information Age.

More interviews with Steve Schrier & Thinkers 50

‘I’ve known Steve Schrier for “a while” now and am chuffed for him to see his book published. Steve has forgotten more about the complex world of sales in our business than I’ll ever know. This presents a real opportunity to learn fast from someone who has put in the hard yards over a sustained period of time with some very demanding organisations’.

Keith McDonnell – CEO @ KMi Gaming

‘Brings B2B selling right up to date’.

Ian Hogg – Chairman @ FastPAYE & Shopworks


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To accompany the book Sales Tribe have also produced a blog site full of help, advice and up to date knowledge on topics aiding sales success. With even more tips and advice on each chapter of the book the Sales Tribe Blog is invaluable reading material.