About the Build Your Sales Tribe Author

The Build Your Sales Tribe Book Author Steve Schrier

STEVE SCHRIER has held multi-national commercial roles for over 25 years. Steve has run global sales teams for large and start-up companies.

His journey has taken him from start-up to exit several times focusing on high growth through proven commercial engagement techniques. You can read more about Steve’s career HERE. (opens new page)

Steve believes that there is a problem which is going to get worse as the Information Age accelerates. Many companies will continue to face serious challenges for a successful sales approach.

This book contains the tools he would like to share with any company looking for a commercial structure to take their business on a high growth path in modern times.

The Build Your Sales Tribe author has seen failures and mistakes along the way, and this is a chance to help others avoid those.

If you are involved in building or running a sales team all or parts of this book should be part of your critical path.

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