Build Your Sales Tribe – Contributors

Build your Sales Tribe – Contributors. Massive thanks to the invaluable contribution of advice, time, energy and support for this project from these amazing people (click the logo for a link to their Linked In® profile in a new tab):

Chris Ash linked-in logo
Patricia Bacon linked-in logo
Simon Bernholt linked-in logo
Mark Cranstoun linked-in logo
Ian Hogg linked-in logo
David MacDowell linked-in logo
Alan McLaughlin linked-in logo
Hans Winkelman linked-in logo

Thanks also to Gale Winskilllinked-in logofor knocking me into shape with the first book edit.

Special thanks to my long-suffering wife Wendy, without whom this book would not have been possible. Thanks too to my two wonderful children, Olivia and Arthur.

Thanks to these contributors who have supported me through Unbound for Build Your Sales Tribe. If it wasn’t for their support this book would not be published:

Amir Askarov
Andrew Porter
Andy Stubley
Ann Kl
Ashley Sandyford-Sykes
B Aitken
Brian MacSweeney
Carlo Navato
Catherine Aithal
Catherine Turner
Chris Ash
Christian Rajter
Craig Driver
Craig Luke
Daniel Camilleri
Daniel Phillips
David McLeish
David Sargeant
Dizzy Dezille
Edward Byard
Emma Gale
Erik Bhullar
Gal Dayan
Gal Ehrlich
Gil Rotem
Ian Hogg
Igor Andronov
Jacqui Nolan-Neylan
Jason Ballinger
John Gordon
Jordan Levin
Julie McCole
Justin Chamberlain
Keith O’ Loughlin
Lee Williams
M Birch
Mads Jensen
Marc Burroughes
Marcela Torres
Mark Cranstoun
Michael Phelan
Mikael Ångman
P Harvey
Paul Dolman-Darrall
Peter Miles
Raja B-Sheikh
Robert Picard
Russell Schrier
Sam Johnson
Simon Bernholt
Sovanna Phan
Stuart Banks
Timothy Lawrenson
Tom Filby
Tõnu Vahtra
Willem van Oort
and several anonymous donors…